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Area 51 Escape Room in Westminster, CO

Difficulty: *** 70% Success

Take a trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway to our Area 51 escape room. At Escape Reality Denver, we offer Westminster residents the chance to try their hand at solving a puzzle room around an alien autopsy. Mystery reigns in our escape games, especially when aliens are involved. Search through a top-secret government location as you try to escape. Everyone has heard of Area 51, but now you can learn the truth of this secret research facility when you escape from the puzzle room we’ve created in Westminster.

Westminster Tests Skills At Our Area 51 Escape Room

In 1947, an unidentified object crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. Government wasted no time in establishing a classified base known as Area 51, surrounding the crash site and preventing any knowledge from leaking, but now the secrets have come to our escape room so those in the Westminster area can finally learn the truth of the autopsies and experiments that have taken place since the first event in Roswell. Combine your intelligence with others to see if you can find your way out. Check out our Westminster alien autopsy escape room when you’re ready for an adventure.

Escape from an Alien Autopsy Escape Room in Westminster

See if you can figure out all the puzzles in our Area 51 themed escape room. Those in Westminster and the surrounding area can challenge themselves with an alien escape game full of special effects and electronic obstacles. Play your way through an alien autopsy scenario to discover the right path out and escape within the time limit. You and Your group will enjoy trying to get out of our unique rooms where creativity and genius come together in Westminster.

Keep the Fun Going With Our Westminster Puzzle Rooms

Enjoy a professional-level escape experience in Westminster with our carefully crafted rooms. You’ll interact with games and effects that are of the same caliber as a Hollywood movie. We have an alien escape game, or choose one of our other puzzle rooms to transport you into an interactive adventure. Whether you are planning a whole event, or just looking for something a different, you’ll have a good time attempting to escape. Book a puzzle room at our Westminster location now.

Your Adventure Awaits at Escape Reality Denver!

Escape Reality has created an array of interactive escape rooms where you become the star of your own action adventure straight out of Hollywood. You can embark upon your journey in large groups or small, and pick between many different themes of thrilling puzzles. Whether you are a corporate office looking for a fun team-building activity or a group of friends looking for a mental challenge, our escape games range in difficulty to give you the challenge you desire. Book with us today to reserve your spot!

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