The Lost Temple Escape Room in Denver, CO

If you grew up wishing you could live out movies like “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Mummy,” “Jumanji,” or “Tomb Raider,” then Escape Reality’s The Lost Temple escape room in Denver is sure to fit the bill. This escape room adventure is perfect for those who seek fortune and glory in the Denver area. Whether you are a Denver company looking for a fun team building outing, a private party, or single adventure, Escape Reality’s The Lost Temple is a great foray into the world of escape games.

Denver’s Lost Temple Escape Room

Deep in jungles that have not seen humans for centuries lies a forgotten temple. You and your team of archeologists from Denver have recently made the discovery of the century, stumbling upon the entrance to this lost ruin, nearly swallowed by vegetation. Inside you discover the remains of adventures, distracted by the prospect of treasure. You must learn from mistakes of previous explorers or suffer the same fate. Be the first Denver residents to find fortune and glory discovering the secrets of The Lost Temple.

An Escape Room in Denver An Interactive Experience

Our escape games feature electronic puzzles and special effects to give you an interactive experience like no other. All our décor, puzzles and sets are custom-designed and built by a local team to provide a unique, escape game experience. As entertainment and attraction designers, our goal is to make you feel as though you have been transported from Denver to a remote jungle in South America and truly have discovered a lost temple.

A Moderately Difficult Escape Room Adventure in Denver

With a 90 percent success rate, The Lost Temple is designed to be a challenging, yet solvable, escape room adventure in Denver. This room is meant to provide puzzles that will test the players without proving too difficult and remove all fun. In this room, Escape Reality is hoping to provide an immersive experience that allows players to live out their movie fantasy, while fostering success so that you will be ready for a greater challenge next time in Denver.

Your Adventure Awaits with Escape Reality Denver!

Drawing from our years of putting on Frightmare, Escape Reality has created a trio of interactive escape rooms where you become the star of your own action adventure straight out of Hollywood. You can enjoy a full-service bar at our onsite speakeasy while you wait to embark upon your journey. Whether you are a corporate office looking for a team building activity or a group of friends looking for a mental challenge, our escape games come in a range of difficulties to give you the challenge you desire. Book with us today to reserve your spot!