Caribbean Curse Pirate Escape Room in Denver, CO

If you grew up in watching “The Goonies” or the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, and long for a pirate adventure on the open ocean, then the Caribbean Curse at Escape Reality in Denver is the escape room adventure for you. You will have one hour to solve a series of puzzles that will unlock clues that lead to your escape from a ship’s prison before a storm takes you down to Davey Jones’ locker. Whether you are looking for a team-building outing for your next corporate event, or simply like puzzles, book your pirate escape room experience in Denver today.

Escape the Caribbean Curse, Bring Treasure Back to Denver

You are a group of Denver privateers posing as crew on a ship plundering the high seas. A mysterious treasure from an island in the Caribbean is brought aboard. You and your Denver mates plot a mutiny to have the treasure all to yourselves, but are caught and locked in the brig. A storm begins to brew on the horizon, and the captain decides to abandon ship, fearing for the worse. You must escape from the brig and chart a new course before the ship steers itself into the oncoming hurricane. You will discover whether there is truth to the curse or if it is just an old legend.

A Pirate Escape Room in Denver Like No Other

Our escape games in Denver feature electronic puzzles and special effects to give you an interactive experience like no other. All our décor, sets, and puzzles are built and designed by a local team to provide a unique escape game experience. As entertainment and attraction designers, our goal is to make your feel as though you have been transported from Denver to an old wooden pirate ship cutting through the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A Challenging Escape Room Adventure in Denver

With a 70 percent success rate, our pirate escape room in Denver is slightly more challenging than The Lost Temple. Our puzzles are designed for you to work with your teammates to disarm traps and unlock clues to lead you to freedom. We promise our escape room will challenge you, without discouraging you from continuing to play. An hour seems like a lot of time, but goes quickly when you are using your mind to win freedom and treasure to bring back to Denver.

Your Adventure Awaits with Escape Reality Denver!

Drawing from our years of putting on Frightmare, Escape Reality has created a trio of interactive escape rooms where you become the star of your own action adventure straight out of Hollywood. You can enjoy a full-service bar at our onsite speakeasy while you wait to embark upon your journey. Whether you are a corporate office looking for a team building activity or a group of friends looking for a mental challenge, our escape games come in a range of difficulties to give you the challenge you desire. Book with us today to reserve your spot!