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First Time Escape Room Tips

  1. Get into it right away: An hour sounds like a long time, but don’t be fooled, the clock is constantly ticking.
  2. Search the room thoroughly for puzzles and clues: Clues can be anywhere or anything. Just make sure you stay clear of areas the game master has asked you not to touch.
  3. Communicate with your team about what you find: If you find something, share it with your team. You never know, it might be the answer that a teammate has been searching for.
  4. Try everything and listen to everyone: Everyone on your team thinks differently. Respect what people have to say, and give it a try.
  5. Work on different puzzles at the same time: With time ticking, make sure you focus on spreading out. If you all focus on one puzzle, you may leave potential clues unnoticed. You can cover more ground by working on multiple puzzles at once.
  6. Do not over think it: Escape rooms are meant to be challenging but not impossible. Often, the solution is easier than you think. If you feel stuck, let a teammate provide a fresh look at the puzzle — they might approach it from a different angle.
  7. Organize any clues and props you find. Dictate a spot to place all objects or props that you find. You never know when you may need to use a prop or refer to something from a previous puzzle.
  8. Do not give up; ask for hints if you need any. Escape rooms are meant to be fun. Our goal is to make sure you and your group make it out of the room feeling challenged, while still enjoying the experience. If you hit a dead end, do not be afraid to ask for a hint. We will not give you the exact answer, but will do our best to nudge you along.
  9. Do not force anything. If it is meant to open you will find a way to open it. If a box or item is meant to be opened, it will not be difficult to open it. You should at no time have to apply force to open something. If it is locked, then you will need to find the correct key or method to open it. By forcing an item open, you are not only defeating the purpose of the game, but also could have expensive consequences for damaging the game.
  10. Have fun! We want you to feel like you are in your own Hollywood movie. Have fun and interact with the immersive environment. Having fun is all part of the experience and will help you succeed.

Cancellation Policy

Your time slot is a reservation; no cancellations or reschedules will be allowed. If you are unable to make your reserved slot, you will be unable to reschedule, unless booking insurance has been purchased in advance for each player. Booking insurance will allow you to re-book your room if something were to arise and you are unable to attend your reservation. Booking insurance can be purchased for an additional $2 per player when checking out online.

Attendance Policy

We do not recommend our puzzle games for anyone younger than the age of 12. Each player younger than 18 must have their parent sign a waiver on their behalf, although this can be done online prior to the event. Children between the ages of 8 and 17 are permitted only with an adult. Adults must purchase tickets and play the game with any and all minors.

Are Your Attractions ADA/Handicapped Accessible?

  • Denver - The entire attraction is located in the basement of an 1886 mansion, so it is not easy to access for anyone in a wheelchair. We can provide stools or chairs in the rooms for anyone who might need to sit down because of knee problems, crutches, or any other concern.
  • Westminster Our building is ADA compliant and most games are handicap accessible. Feel free to speak with our staff when booking as to discuss which games are a best fit for your needs

Parking Details

Denver - Street and metered parking are available. Meters are free after 6 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Sundays. A pay lot is also available located behind The Irish Snug.Do not leave valuables in your car; we provide lockers. Use them to store your valuables inside the building. Do not park at the Post Office or anywhere labeled as a tow-away zone.

Westminster - Parking is conveniently available in the Solaire Shoppes Plaza.


All participants MUST sign a waiver; you may fill it out when booking online, or tablets are available at our facility for you to fill them out when you arrive. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out your waivers and be briefed about your room. Parents, guardians or chaperones will be required to sign waivers for any minors in their group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will We Really Be Locked in a Room?
The door you enter from acts as both an entrance and an emergency exit and is never locked. If you must exit, you simply come right back out the way you came in. The goal of the game is to proceed forward by “escaping” or “interacting” with each room. If you get out of the escape room before 60 minutes elapse, you win!
How Long Before My Scheduled Time Do I Need to Arrive?

Your time slot is a reservation. In order to be considered on time, you must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ticket time in order to complete our electronic waivers and be briefed on your game. Your reserved timeslot is when you are scheduled to enter your room; if you arrive after this timeslot, you will be unable to play. No refunds will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows.

Are Walk-Ins Welcome?

Yes! All bookings are made online or over the phone; however, if you simply walk in, you can always check availability. If there are slots available, our team can assist you in booking your experience.

How Far in Advance Should We Book?

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Our rooms sell out frequently. If you have a certain date you would like, book now.

If We Only Have Two or Three People in Our Group, Will We be Placed with Strangers?

Yes. But if you book a group with six to eight people, it is rare for anyone to book with you; however, it can happen. If you want the entire room to yourself, you have the option to select a private room when booking. Additionally, if you are looking for a more intimate experience, we do offer a four-player room.

Are Your Attractions ADA/Handicapped Accessible?

The entire attraction is located in the basement of an 1886 mansion, so it is not easy to access for anyone in a wheelchair. We can provide stools or chairs in the rooms for anyone who might need to sit down because of knee problems, crutches, or any other concern.

Are There Any Health Conditions that Would Prevent a Player from Playing the Game?

During the game, you may experience conditions including, but not limited to, loud noises, claustrophobic conditions, possible allergens and special-effects lighting, such as strobe lights. Strobe lights have been known to cause potential adverse physical and medical reactions included, but not limited to, photosensitive epilepsy.

When Will New Rooms be Available?

We are always working on new puzzles and room ideas. We will regularly update or change the room themes.

Can I Bring Anything into the Room?

No cellphones, bags or jackets are allowed in the room. We secure our lobby to protect your belongings. Cellphones are not allowed in rooms to protect the secrecy of our puzzles and games.

Your Adventure Awaits at Escape Reality Denver!

Escape Reality has created an array of interactive escape rooms where you become the star of your own action adventure straight out of Hollywood. You can embark upon your journey in large groups or small, and pick between many different themes of thrilling puzzles. Whether you are a corporate office looking for a fun team-building activity or a group of friends looking for a mental challenge, our escape games range in difficulty to give you the challenge you desire. Book with us today to reserve your spot!

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