Escape Room Games in Capitol Hill - Denver, CO

Are you looking to get away from the daily stresses of Capitol Hill? If so, come to Escape Reality Denver and relax by solving one of our unique, innovative puzzles. Each of our puzzle room themes can provide a memorable experience for all participants while also challenging them to think their ways out. You can even enjoy a meal or a drink before or after your adventure at Kinga’s Lounge, which is located above our escape room. It’s time for a night out at an old spooky building with fun challenges throughout!

Escape the Everyday of Capitol Hill in a Themed Escape Room

We have several puzzle room themes that you can choose from, conveniently located for Capitol Hill-area residents. One of our most popular themes is The Lost Temple. Join your fellow archaeologists in uncovering the secret of the temple before you wind up like those failed before you. Another great option is the Caribbean Curse. Can you and your fellow mutineers escape the brig and plot a new course before your abandoned ship sails into disaster? And from the creators of The Frightmare Compound, Denver’s famous Halloween destination, comes another spooky experience in the form of the Haunted Mansion-themed room. This experience is loosely based on the building’s rich history and reported hauntings. Little Emily’s ghost is looking to cause trouble for your paranormal investigation team. Can you discover the mansion’s secret and escape her wrath?

Celebrate a Successful Escape Room Adventure at Kinga’s Lounge

Our Denver escape rooms are located on the lower floor of the mansion, however you may want to pay a visit to our upstairs neighbor. Kinga’s Lounge is a unique Polish bar and restaurant you can visit before or after your escape games. Grab a bite or drink while you prepare yourself and come into our space directly from inside the lounge. The combination of our escape room adventure and Kinga’s Lounge is a great way to spend a night out, without venturing too far from Capitol Hill.

Plan an Event Away from Capitol Hill in a Puzzle Room

If you and your group are looking for a great time together that’s convenient from the Capitol Hill area, look no further than our puzzle rooms. Whether it is a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or a corporate teambuilding event, our escape room adventures are great ways to connect with your friends or coworkers from Capitol Hill. Come find your adventure and solve a mystery while enjoying the rich history and ghostly encounters of our building. And booking for groups has never been easier – Groups of 8 or fewer can easily book a private room online. Please contact us to reserve a room further in advance or to book for more people.

Your Adventure Awaits with Escape Reality Denver!

Drawing from our years of putting on Frightmare, Escape Reality has created a trio of interactive escape rooms where you become the star of your own action adventure straight out of Hollywood. Enjoy a full-service bar at the onsite speakeasy while you wait to embark upon your journey. Whether you are a corporate office looking for a team building activity or a group of friends looking for a mental challenge, our escape games come in a range of difficulties to give you the exact level of difficulty suited to your group. Book with us today to reserve your spot!